Monday, July 12, 2010

A Walk Cycle in 3D

And now for something completely different... Hey look 3D! Yep... the beginnings of an education in Maya. Just a simple walk cycle from two different angles.

Beak Character Lip Synch

So this is the companion piece to the Muzzle Lip Synch; this character responds to the other. It was much longer than the necessary requirements, so I've just done poses for the last half or so.

Muzzle Character Lip Synch

Second year. The assignment was first to design one character with a muzzle and one with a beak, and then to animate these two characters lip-synched to prerecorded dialogue. I used dialogue from the tv show Stargate SG1... no infringement intended.

Flour Sack

So this is the little flour sack; a good substitute for simple character forms, which we abused quite thoroughly! I don't remember anyone's flour sack surviving what we animators put them through...

The Head Rotation

This was another assignment from first year: the Head Rotation! As you can see, I chose to animate Scar from Disney's The Lion King.

Animal Walk

So here's the first animal walk cycle I've ever done... a project from first year college. The tail needs more work, but I thought it was sufficiently cat-like for a first attempt.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Walk Cycle of DOOM!

We were all SO excited to come back for second semester and start all the 'cool' stuff. Or so we thought. Ask any Sheridan Animation grad, and I bet they will all say that they absolutely dispise the Pink Panther. Especially that annoying little theme song he has. Maybe the teachers all have some sort of vendetta against the Pink Panther, and so, in order to inspire that same utter loathing in their students, they stipulate that we all must use the Pink Panther as the subject of our first walk cycle.

The Folding Box

I actually don't know why so many people had a problem with this project. I really liked it. Once you got started, it was alot like entering a trance-like state. The work just got done. Once I worked out the perspective, (I swear the perspective gods are trying to smite me) the animation didn't take very long to complete.

Ball and Tail... or: The Squirrel Named Nibbles

This was our third assignment first semester: the Ball and Tail. Our first real bit of character animation, it's easy to see how the bouncing ball and the seaweed principles can be combined to form a kinda' drugged-out squirrel... thing. It really is kinda cute. In an odd sort of way. Still, I decided to call him Nibbles.

With a turn of a page...

So this is the Page Turn. It's basically the same principle as the seaweed, (snap and drag) but in perspective. Which was sufficiently annoying to figure out. But I like.

The Seaweed Test

No, no, don't worry, this wasn't a test to see how much information we retained about kelp and nori... The seaweed test was simply an assignment to get us to understand the 'snap and drag' animation principle. We just happened to be using seaweed as our model. And yes, I know it looks slighty more whiplike than the gentle, underwater sway of seaweed, but someone in my class had two mermaids makin' out as part of their background scenery, so imagine what us crazy art students would do if our teachers came to us and said 'Here! Animate a whip!'. The administration would be shaking in their boots.

The Balloon

And finally, here is the last of the four parts of our first animation assignment! The Balloon! This one was my favourite. We had just a wee bit too much fun doing (ahem) 'research' for this one. Honestly, my teacher brought some balloons to class and we had an impromptu session of balloon vollyball. This was research.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Bowling Ball

This is the Bowling Ball. Another part of the first animation package we had to submit first semester. Stay tuned for part 4 of 4: the balloon.

The Pendulum

The pendulum was also part of the first 4-part package we had to animate first semester. It's the least spiffy of the four, and it only took me an hour and a half to do, but if you stare at it long enough I swear an interdimensional portal will open inside your skull.

The Bouncing Ball

Here is the very first animation that every Sheridan student has ever done or will ever do. This one is mine. Watch it go!

The Virgin Post

Well... Through a set of circumstances which can only be described as coercive and utilitarian, I have finally obtained one of these things which the world of the interweb has termed a 'blog'. To those who know me, please calm your tachycardic hearts and know that I was in full posession of all faculties when the making of this blog occurred. I really don't know what came over me, aside from the thought that people would stop asking me for updates concerning my art and the random happenings which make up my life if they could insted read about it online, rather than poking me every now and then. Somehow, I doubt this will sort it all out, but I aim to try.

As this is the first post of my new blog, I should commemorate the moment with an image! Here you will see the wonderful Mavet; a character of my own creation who has existed in flux for the past several years. Needless to say, she's changed ALOT over time. Here she is in several different poses, without wings (as they take up lots of space). Perhaps if I feel motivated in the future they may be coloured.

Finally, I officially welcome you all to My Blog, which will hopefully become a place of random animation-induced insanity. (To my fellow animators/animation students: You know exactly what I mean.)

Farewell, for now,

Haley Yorke